Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hurry, Diaper The Goat.

When you can't control yourself, blame the object of desire. Andrew Sullivan has a great post about how "holding straight men accountable for anything sexual is very tough in fundamentalist circles, be they Islamic or Christian."
... it's also revealing about the way fundamentalism and sex interact. What most male-run religious fundamentalisms include is a major exception for the hetero-male sex drive. Sex outside of missionary-position reproduction with legal wife/wives is officially verboten; but when frail male flesh gives in, the blame is almost always the object of desire - not the guy actually responsible.

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MadPriest said...

For those of us who still see something in old-fashioned understandings of atonement, this may be a reason why Jesus was a man and not a woman. Men place guilt upon the other so a man had to be shown to be accepting guilt. Such a view would, of course, make the maleness of Christ a less honourable fact than than many see it as.