Saturday, August 12, 2006

AIDS: Living With The Enemy.

Jeremy Laurance in The Independent has a great audit of where we are in the fight against AIDS. I'm not going to quote from it but read it all.

My brother died of AIDS over 22 years ago, so it's an issue that is close to me and many friends. There is some hope but a lot of work still to do.

And while you are at it, read what Bono had to say about the AIDS crisis yesterday at megachurch, Willow Creek's leadership summit.
When Bono came into Hybels' life, the megachurch pastor found it "ironic" that a rock star was approaching the church with a cry to help the poor and the sick – a command that Jesus had clearly given and that churches were typically known to do. However, churches have always been behind on such issues, said Bono. And he explained the reason being a fear of politics and a judgmental attitude about the AIDS virus.

While churches have largely been in the charity and homeless feeding scene in their local communities, their presence has been foreign to the millions suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Charity is important, Bono noted, but the desire of the churches for justice is what the world really needs, he added.

Responding to the absence, the rock star emphatically said, "Christ won't let the church walk away from the AIDS emergency."

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