Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dog Turd Terrorizes Swiss Town.

An old friend of mine, artist Paul McCarthy's sculpture had a run in with a power line.
Paul McCarthy’s Complex Shit, a giant inflatable dog turd, escaped from its moorings at the Zentrum Paul Klee last week and brought down a power line and broke a window before landing on the grounds of a children’s home 200 meters away, the Guardian report
I love it!
In case you are curious about Paul's work, at left is a piece of Paul's that I owned at one time. Tomato Head, 1994, features a life-sized mannequin body, crowned by a giant tomato. Plugged into the various orifices are a motley array of brightly colored stuff--including rubber vaginas and penises, fiberglass blocks, rubber-coated garden tools, and giant carrots. It once stood proudly in my loft overlooking the grand piano in the living room.

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