Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Character of John McCain.

It's about time Democrats started hitting McCain on issues of his character. From the Politico we read that two senators are starting to hit him hard. Do we want him with his finger on the nuclear button?
“He has a huge anger problem,” Boxer said. “And he never hid that. ... I have seen it happen on the Senate floor many, many times. … He has exploded at me a couple times.”

Boxer said McCain has always apologized after the dust-ups. Nonetheless, she insinuated that McCain’s temperament makes him unfit for the White House.

“It’s all well and good to apologize,” Boxer added, “but if you are in charge of that black box, I worry about that.”

Durbin noted McCain’s temper is “well documented,” saying that he had been on the receiving end of it for what he considered “minor things.”

“I was in a confrontation with him … and he was quick to explode,” said Durbin. “It simmered for a long time.”
If you like the wars of George W. Bush, you will love the McCain Wars.

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