Monday, August 25, 2008

A Delegate's Viewpoint From Denver.

Check out my friend, Kurt Bestor's website, for his take on his time in Denver as an Obama delegate, representing the state of Utah.  
As I drove with my wife from Salt Lake City to Denver, I listened via my XM Radio to the commentary on CNN, BBC, and (yikes) Fox News Channels. For the entire 7 hours (with the exception of 2.5 toilet stops and a moment of "Quarter-Pounder w/ Cheese bliss" in Laramie) I heard the parroting of right and left-wing politicos as they prognosticated that this Democratic Convention was going to be "fractured," "divisive," and a battle ground for the certain Armageddon between smug Obamaniacs (like myself) and still smarting Hillary-ites. The more I listened, the more nervous I got. What if they were right? What kind of bad election luck did this portend.

Well - no sooner had I stepped into the opening night New Orleans Jam-balaya! soirée sponsored by the DNC - then my fears vanished as quickly as the tasty jambalaya they were serving. Besides hearing Howard Dean's motivating opening speech and eating way too much shrimp and crawfish, we all got stuffed on some serious Delta blues and rip-roar-in' Zydeco featuring the Voice of the Wetlands All Star Band. This kickin' band was so get-down, swampy and funky that even the most caucasian member of the Utah Delegation was gettin' down with his or her bad self.

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