Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama Bayh(den).

Maybe it's Evan Bayh.  When you enter in your browser you get forwarded to a Barack Obama website page that has the ulr meet-Evan, see above screen shot.  (Now at 3:16 PM, the page has images of both with news stories. Big head fake?  Or, real? We will know soon.)

And from the KMBC in Kansas City.

But, why is the branding so far off the Obama brand? A head fake?


Vtknitboy said...

hi honey! i hope it's joe. he's got the experience and wisdom that detractors think obama lacks. bayh just brings in the possibility (though not the guarantee) of indiana going blue.

xo c

Clyde said...

I think Biden is a better choice than Bayh, too. Let it be over soon!