Sunday, July 27, 2008

A New Era For Christianity.

Brian Mclaren, one of the leading figures of the emerging church, spoke this past week to Anglican Bishops at Lambeth.  Here's an interview with him in Christianity Today that I found interesting. 

This Q & A about the future of Christianity, I found particular good.
CT: You suggested a new era for Christianity. What else do you think we can expect?

BM: I am just one small person with a very limited perspective in the face of such a huge question. But let me offer four small thoughts.

First, I think our future is more about the Christian way of life than it is about a rigid and polemicized systems of belief. Second, I think our future is mission-oriented - meaning that we focus on forming disciples who advance God's mission in their daily lives.

Third, I believe our future is ecumenical - with Catholics, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Eastern Orthodox, and Evangelical Christians taking a humble posture as fellow learners and collaborators for the common good rather than as competitors or us-versus-them enemies.

And fourth, I think our future will also require us to join humbly and charitably with people of other faiths - Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, secularists, and others - in pursuit of peace, environmental stewardship, and justice for all people, things that matter greatly to the heart of God.

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