Friday, July 18, 2008

The Church Of Coffee.

There is a fun article in The Chicago Tribune today, by John Kass, about the history of coffee, or should I say our obsession with it.  There's a funny couple of paragraphs about the authors nightmare of a confrontation with Teddy Roosevelt. 
President Theodore Roosevelt drank a gallon of coffee every day before he'd go out to shoot a bunch of creatures and put their heads on his wall. And when he'd sit down with his gallon of coffee, no one would dare tell Roosevelt that he'd just ordered a "venti." He might just put their heads on his wall.

I have a recurring nightmare in which Roosevelt confronts me on Michigan Avenue while I'm holding my favorite, a large mocha Frappuccino. He stares at it, then begins to mock me, louder and louder. My face turns beet red from the shame, and I begin to run on my stumpy bowlegs, with Roosevelt yelling, "Bully! Bully!"
I've been trying to drink much less coffee (caffeinated beverages in general), so I guess my reaction to this is tainted by where I am now, but I enjoyed the history lesson.

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