Thursday, July 31, 2008

End The Injustice Of The Death Penalty, Not More Lives.

At 11 JoJo White wrote this poem.At 23 JoJo was murdered and his last words were, "Peace, brother, One Love." Read his parents take on who is responsible.
The real criminals are the antisocial monsters who are responsible for a system that is making war on the poor and in the process creating confused and enraged people like the man who killed our son. That man is as much a product of this system as the handgun he used. He obviously had no village that might have given him the love and respect that would have made his horrendous crime impossible. Some people will argue that he had a choice between right and wrong. But if this society denies good choices to children how do they learn to make good choices as adults? If we don't give a child a decent life, how can that child grow up to respect life?

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