Friday, October 10, 2008

Too Soon To Laugh.

I've been debating if I want to see the new Oliver Stone movie, "W." Patt Morrison in the LA Times really summarizes my feelings well.
I saw "W" this week. It spends its time on the Iraq war and on Bush's formative years, and insofar as I could detach myself from my dislike of the man, I found myself feeling fleetingly sorry for him, but a whole lot sorrier for us. "W" pulled punches that I desperately wanted to connect, and if comedy equals tragedy plus time, "W" shows it's too soon to laugh and too late to do anything but endure the tragedy of this administration.
I think I may go with my better judgement and pass.  I've lived these past 8 years and 2 more hours of living it may be more than I can take.

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