Friday, October 10, 2008

Ayers - Obama Linkage is B.S.

In a letter to the editor in the NY Times today, the lead federal prosecutor of the Weatherman in 1972, William C. Ibershof, has this to say,
I am amazed and outraged that Senator Barack Obama is being linked to William Ayers’s terrorist activities 40 years ago when Mr. Obama was, as he has noted, just a child.

Although I dearly wanted to obtain convictions against all the Weathermen, including Bill Ayers, I am very pleased to learn that he has become a responsible citizen.

Because Senator Obama recently served on a board of a charitable organization with Mr. Ayers cannot possibly link the senator to acts perpetrated by Mr. Ayers so many years ago.
But, I am sure this will not end the McCain campaign's smear campaign. I hope American voters are not going to be distracted by this and vote their self interests and vote Obama.

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