Thursday, September 11, 2008

McCain's Do Nothing Health Care "Plan."

Joe Klein, of Time, has decided to ignore the petty, bull shit, non-issue spewing from the McCain campaign and focus on the issues.  Good!  Here is his take on McCain's health insurance "plan."
But make no mistake: this plan will do little or nothing for those who do not have insurance now--unless they are young and healthy--and it may well hurt a fair number of workers, especially unionized workers, who get gold-plated benefits from their employers.
It will certainly do nothing for families with members who have pre-existing conditions or children with special needs--because it makes no provision to regulate the insurers, forcing them to cover all comers at "community" rates that don't discriminate against the people who need health insurance most.
Obama needs to hammer harder on this and other economic issues. And, soon!

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