Friday, September 05, 2008

McCain As Mrs. Doubtfire.

Just now on Hardball, Chris Matthews came up with a great analogy that I have to repeat.  He asked one Republican strategist if McCain was trying a "Mrs. Doubtfire strategy."  

Having failed as a husband the Robin Williams character comes back as a housekeeper/nanny so he can have responsibility for the kids he wasn't able to handle well as a husband. 

Of McCain and the GOP Matthew's said, 
"we failed in our roll for 8 years, we got a new costume on…accept us and give us custody of the country again because we look a little different"
Think about it, McCain and the Republicans have failed for 8 years to deal with the problems of this country and now, McCain wants to put on make up and a new dress and come back in a new role and take over the economy.  It must not be allowed to happen.

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