Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Good Question.

And something I've wondered too. The McCain campaign's concern about this sure would confirm why they didn't send Palin home to Alaska over the weekend, to cram for exams, as planned. From Mickey Kaus:
Is McCain scared of campaigning without Palin? If they "split off," as candidates usually do, the crowds will go with Palin, no? McCain will be left looking unexciting. ...
So much for the anti-Obama screed about "his celebrity."  Now, they want it.

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diane said...

Something else from Kaus http://www.slate.com/id/2199595/

Tomorrow's Marching Orders Today: If there were some sort of tacit liberal MSM conspiracy--a hypothetical!--Plan 1 was to knock Palin off the ticket out of the box with various unvetted home state scandals. Plan 2, the plan currently in place, is to force Palin to submit to "real interviews" where she will supposedly reveal her embarrassing unpreparedness for the office.

May I suggest to my fellow conspirators that we move directly on to Plan 3: Forget Palin. Stop writing about her. If we make the election about Palin, we will lose. She'll probably win her debate and will almost certainly handle the interviews well enough (to the satisfaction of the voters, at least, if not the experts). The election's not about Palin. It's about McCain. We can beat McCain. ...

Repeat after me: Forget Palin, we can beat McCain!!