Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Amniocentesis Question Sarah Palin Needs To Answer.

Andrew Sullivan (a pro lifer himself) asks a good question of Sarah Palin.
So why would a pro-life woman choose the procedure that could lead to the death of her unborn child rather than the safe, less invasive procedure? I don't know. It's one of many mystifying weirdnesses in Palin's own account of her pregnancy. Why do you need to know for sure that your baby has DS (Down Syndrome) when it could mean a small risk of killing the child that you're determined to keep alive?

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Linda Jordan said...

I really like your website. I am so encouraged by Christians who can think for themselves and translate the real message of Jesus Christ into their lives. I am not really perplexed by Sarah Palins decision. It's the age old problem of "self." She simply put herself first. We all do it - Christians, not Christians. We do what Christ asked us not to do. We put ourselves first. Sometimes we do it knowing we are doing it. Other times we rationalize it and tell ourselves we're not doing it.

For me the perplexing thing is not that Sarah Palin put her "self" first, in order to gain information about her pregnancy at the risk of inducing abortion. The perplexing this is how she can deny it, and continue to stand in judgement of all others. But then, the more I see of Sarah Palin, the more I understand how she can do this. I think we can accurately think of her as a PhariSarah.